Need Great Drywall Finishing Done? Yeah, We Do That Too

American Star Painting & Coatings Co. not only paints and provides protective coatings, but we also do great drywall work. Whether you are searching for a contemporary touch to copy pre-existing areas or to repair a wall spot that needs addressed, we provide great drywall finishing services to enhance the look of a room. We are very skilled with our drywall finishing work.

Drywall Finishers Shoot Bazooka For 'Wow' Factor

Our drywall finishers at American Star Painting & Coatings Co. are experienced craftsmen, equipped with the latest equipment and tools that provide our customers with a “WOW” factor. The timely and tedious method of manual taping and drywall mud application has been replaced with the Bazooka and flat finisher box. The Bazooka provides a continuous flow of joint compound to the automatic taper, flat boxes and corner finishing tools.

Revolutionary Tools Eliminate Pesky Issues Like Lumpy Mud

The use of our revolutionary tools, combined with the experience and knowledge of our professional work crews, has eliminated pesky issues such as lumpy mud, nail pops, tape bubbles and the complexity of rough drywall edges. American Star Painting & Coatings Co. has increased productivity, decreased project completion time and still guarantees a smooth, flawless, optimal wall finish that we sure will please our clients.

Drab Surfaces Can Be Easily Improved With Drywall Finishing

American Star Painting & Coatings Co. understands that your walls and ceilings act as influence on everything that is seen in your office, store, shop or waiting room. Those drab, dirty surfaces can be easily improved with our outstanding drywall finishing work. We offer drywall finishing services for:

  • Repairing small holes or cracks in drywall of walls and ceiling
  • Large hole patching in wall or ceiling drywall
  • Fixing Do It Yourself projects that have gone bad
  • Entire Buildings
  • Single Rooms

Great Services And Drywall You Can Be Proud Of

You can count on us to provide great service, attention to detail and drywall finishes you can be proud of. As professional drywall finishers, we make it our business to provide a finished product that certainly stands out. When the time comes to finish drywall for additions, remodels and more, we provide you with fantastic results for sanding, sealing, priming and painting.