Lead Abatement
in Marietta, Ohio

We Are Unsurpassed Leaders in Lead Abatement In Ohio

Do you need lead abatement in Marietta, Ohio? American Star Painting & Coatings Co. is the leading provider of lead paint abatement. Lead abatement permanently eliminates the hazards of lead paint in Ohio and West Virginia. We have a vast amount of experience in both large and small lead abatement projects. Those projects include commercial buildings, industrial facilities, government facilities, and schools. We can provide the full scope of services to support any lead abatement, including removal and disposal of the lead.

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Trust Our Experts to Choose the Best Technique

Our highly trained staff at American Star Painting & Coatings Co. includes the most knowledgeable lead abatement experts in the industry. It does not matter whether the job is big or small. We can test and remove any lead-based paints, coatings, and lead-bearing components with a variety of techniques including:

  • Mechanical lead paint removal
  • Removal and replacement of lead bearing components
  • Chemical stripping paint and coating removal
  • Decontamination of lead dust with HEPA vacuum
  • Transportation and disposal of lead contaminated soil
  • Encapsulation with a lead barrier compound
  • Enclosure with a durable substance

Lead Level Could Be High if Structure is Older

Until the 1950s, some paint contained as much as 50 percent lead. In 1979, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission ordered manufacturers to reduce the lead in residential paint to 500 parts per million. If your building was built before 1978, it is important to hire a certified lead professional like American Star Painting & Coatings Co. for lead abatement. The structure might have peeling, cracking, or chipped paint. If you plan to repaint, remodel, or renovate the building or disturb the lead contaminated soil, lead abatement is crucial.

Do Not Hesitate To Call Us for Great Lead Abatement

If you realize that there is too much lead in your interior paints, do not hesitate to call American Star Painting & Coatings Co. Your windows, window sills, exterior siding, stairs, railings and banisters, or doors and door frames could have dangerous levels of lead. You need our outstanding lead abatement service if that is the case.

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