Concerned About Fire? We Will Fireproof Your Business

You have watched the news reports and have seen longstanding businesses in the area burn to the ground. Concern about that happening to your office building, industrial plant or convention center has increased, so you have been doing research on protecting your investment. It is clear, though, that your best investment would be to hire American Star Painting & Coatings Co. to fireproof your structure.

Using A Variety of Products And Applications for Fireproofing

American Star Painting & Coatings Co. has been providing fireproofing answers to our clients for many years, using spray applied fireproofing, intumescent paint and hand patching. We work with a variety of products and applications to find the right fireproofing systems to meet our clients’ needs. Our experts are trained to know what is the best approach to fireproofing a structure like yours.

Intumescent Fireproofing Used for Interior and Exterior

Intumescent fireproofing is a thin film coating of paint that can be used for both interior and exterior needs. A decorative coating on exposed steel and steel beams provides fire protection for structural steel by expanding when heated to insulate the steel. This kind of fireproofing done by American Star Painting & Coatings Co. can be used in commercial and industrial applications.

Trust Our Experts To Know What Kind of Products to Use

American Star Painting & Coatings Co. handles the different levels of density fireproofing products, including:

High density: High-density fireproofing products are typically used in manufacturing plants, power plants and stadiums.

Mid density: Mid-density fireproofing products are designed for areas like mechanical rooms, gymnasiums and storage facilities.

Low density: Low-density fireproofing products are used on roof decking, joists and structural steel.

So Many Advantages To Fireproof Your Business Through Us

Convinced yet to have American Star Painting & Coatings Co. fireproof your business or industrial facility? Most of our clients became convinced right away when they hired us to fireproof their structure. The advantages of hiring us include:


  • Experience with the Install
  • Knowledge of the Product
  • Easy Communication with Us
  • Free Estimates
  • Free Consultation
  • Friendly Service
  • Peace of Mind